With the help of many local Moroccan workers and over 200 international volunteers we have designed and built our facilities literally from the ground up. In just over a year, without the use of any machinery and working solely by hand, we have dug more than 250 metres of foundation, raised more than 500m² of walls, constructed and hand-sewn 8 Berber tents, erected the carpentry holding together the different parts of Le Lodge, and managed to bring L’Ane Vert to life.
We have gone to great lengths to ensure that our buildings and facilities were constructed with locally sourced natural materials, including rocks from the valley, limestone, natural pigment, hand-made fabric from goat and camel fur, hay, mud bricks, and local Argan wood!

Naturally, our most important long-term goal is to become completely independent, relying solely on sustainable energy through a combined system of wind-pumps, solar panels, and our already installed natural water filtration system.

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  • Dry toilets to reduce water waste
  • Water Filtration Basins that recycle the grey water that is then used to water the garden
  • Use of natural Black Soap to reduce harmful chemicals in the water


  • Use of energy saving light bulbs with low wattage
  • Maximum use of candles upstairs to reduce the energy consumption from lighting
  • Hot water system aided by solar heating
  • Maximisation of natural lighting and ventilation


  • Natural plants in the modest garden that do not require large amounts of water
  • Aromatics planted to discourage insects
  • Vertical Garden containing herbs and edible flowers, also used as a wind block for the terrace
  • No chemical fertilizers used only compost from our maintained kitchen and toilet compost
  • Only recycled water is used to water the Garden


  • Kitchen waste all used for the mixed compost
  • Additional kitchen waste given to livestock
  • Old cooking oil recycled into oil lamps
  • Minimal use of plastic soft drink bottles – recycled glass bottles used.
  • Recycling of 5L plastic water bottles
  • Responsible waste disposal


  • Tents made from locally sourced woven camel and goat hair
  • Interior and exterior walls constructed from natural building products ( tadelakt, stone walls, mud brick, etc)
  • Natural dyes used for colour
  • Recycled timber used for building
  • Furniture made from recycled wood and materials


  • Ingredients sourced from local farmers (fish from the village, vegetables from the nearby farms, argan oil from the local women)
  • Respecting the seasonality of produce


Morocco is an dry and arid country and saving water is one our biggest environmental goals.  We have almost completed our Phyto-treatment basins that will filter the grey water through a series of basins filled with rocks and sand, resulting in clean water at the end that we can use to water the garden. We hope that our filtration system will act as a showcase and example for others in the region.




As a measure of saving even more water, all of our toilets are composting dry toilets. This means we save around 5 Liters for every flush which compares to the average amount of water one person in Sub-Sahara Africa uses in a whole day.  We have built the first compost for 5 bathrooms.

Upstairs, we have designed an accelerated composting Toilet system that uses a fan, powered by a solar panel, to accelerate the process of drying the compost and to eliminate the odors.

toilet eco 300x503



Urinals that will have a hand-washing basin from which the water will be mixed with urine at a ratio of 80:20. With this ratio of water to urine, the resulting liquid is able to be used to water the garden.


Another big goal is to be independent towards energy, using the sun or the wind to create our energy.
Why not build a new kind of wind pump here !{:}